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The DTS 4160.grandmaster is a combined time distribution and synchronization device with up to 4 network ports (IPv4/IPv6).
With its high-precision and intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers a high degree of reliability and availability.
A MOBATIME PTP Grandmaster solution offers highly precise interfaces such as PRC, PTP IEEE1588 V2, NTP, etc. with an advantage of precision in accuracy and traceability.

Grandmasters are equipped with crystal or atomic oscillators to provide time, pulse, phase & frequency solutions supporting synchronization using Global Navigation Satellite System for a mid or large infrastructure network.

PTP Grandmaster for absolutely accurate time reference.

In many IP networks NTP (Net Time Protocol) is used to supply clients and surrounding systems with a precise time. If a very high time accuracy is required due to e.g. legal regulations, the use of the PTP (Precision Time Protocol) protocol is indispensable.
Mobatime Grandmasters are combined time and synchronization systems that stand for maximum precision and availability. They can be used as IEEE-1588 PTP grandmasters and thus meet the basic requirements for compliance with the strict MiFID II time accuracy specifications in the field of high-frequency trading, for example.
Thanks to extremely stable and high-precision oscillators (rubidium), the Grandmasters are also very accurate in freewheel mode, which is absolutely essential for bridging possible failures of the external signal source (GNSS).

Implementation of MiFID II requirements in the financial sector.

High-precision time is a hot topic for the financial sector. The requirements of MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) must be implemented. The regulations will come into force in January 2018 and aim to increase transparency in the financial sector. All trading transactions must now be provided with a precise time stamp.
MiFID II currently requires an accuracy of 100µs versus UTC for high frequency trading, which cannot be achieved with an NTP-based synchronisation system. A change to synchronization via PTP is unavoidable.
The PTP grandmaster as synchronization source must have a very high accuracy from the time radio receiver to the PTP output. The DTS 4160.grandmaster type C or the DTS 4210.timecenter achieve a precision from the GPS receiver to the PTP output of +/- 0.25µs. This ensures that despite accumulation of further delays due to the transport of data packets in the network, the accuracy of the time stamps of 100µs is achieved.

DTS - Mobatime Time Server.

The DTS product family provides a solution for all time synchronization requirements. Whether small networks with few clients to synchronize or large networks with many time requests: Mobatime time servers can be scaled and optimally integrated into your system landscape. If high demands are placed on reliability, the system architecture can be set up redundantly.

DTS 4160 is a combined time distribution and synchronization device with up to 4 network ports (IPv4/IPv6).
It provides a time reference for PTP and NTP clients.
With its high-precision and intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers a high degree of reliability and availability.



The DTS 4160 is a PTP grandmaster

according to IEEE 1588-2008 / PTPv2, with

IEEE 1588-2019 / PTPv2.1 compability,

for the synchronization of highly accurate

clients. Usable for telecom (e.g. LTE), energy

(e.g. smart grid), automation etc.


The DTS 4160 can reply to more than 10‘000

NTP and SNTP requests per second (up to

600‘000 clients depending on NTP client



For utmost availability, two DTS 4160 can be

connected to offer redundant master-slave

operation with automatic switch over in case

of an error.

A redundant power supply is also possible.


The DTS 4160 can receive all GNSS signals

(GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou),

guaranteeing utmost accuracy and

availability. For GNSS security, multiple

constellations can be used in parallel.


The DTS 4160 offers state-of-the-art network

services such as VLAN, link aggregation and

static routing.


The DTS 4160 offers different oscillator

options for advanced holdover performance.


The DTS 4160 supports legacy outputs such

as IRIG, E1, DCF etc.


Technical features

4 completely separated LAN ports (3x RJ45, 1x SFP):

  • provides PTP on 3 ports 1- and 2-step master or slave
  • different profiles and domains per port
  • multicast/unicast
  • IPv4/IPv6/Layer 2
  • provides NTP on 4 ports (>10’000 requests/s on all 4 ports combined)

Multi-purpose device due to the different time code and frequency outputs:

  • 1x E1 RJ48 (balanced) or BNC (unbalanced)
  • 2x pulse/frequency/10MHz outputs
  • 1x IRIG-B / AFNOR
  • 2x serial output
  • 1x DCF current loop output

High degree of system redundancy by connecting two DTS 4160 via fiber optic link:

  • high availability
  • master-slave operation with automatic switch over in case of an error

High precision time:

  • Time reception from GPS, GLONASS or Beidou
  • GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO)



MOBATIME are leaders in the field of time & frequency synchronization solutions, time distribution, time references and time displays.
Swiss quality and innovation are the foundations of the family-owned company Moser-Baer AG, which was founded in 1938.
Practically all of their products are fully developed, designed, produced and tested in Switzerland under the MOBATIME brand.
Tens of thousands of the systems are in use in transport, public buildings and industry around the world.

We are incredibly proud to represent MOBATIME as their exclusive UK partners.

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