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You'll see our clocks in hospitals, in care homes, retirement homes and indeed private residences.

They are particularly useful in Assisted Living situations and for people living with Alzheimer's or Dementia.

The 'big deal' with these clocks is Twemco's patented Perpetual Calendar technology that automates the long and short months (and also leap years).

As anyone knows who has a relative who is losing track of the days, being well orientated within the week is just as important as knowing where you are within the day.
These clocks provide a well built solution that you know can be relied upon with little to no intervention.
Just make the adjustments at summer / winter time changes, change the battery every couple of years and everything else is taken care of.

Most of these clock is have Dementia Design Accredited Product status, awarded by The University of Stirling in 2019.

Our most popular clock by a country mile with thousands going out the door every year.

The G239A has a large, easy to read 230mm diameter clock-face linked to a fully automatic calendar.

A single 'AA' battery, which should last you a couple of years or so depending on the brand, is supplied with the clock.
There's a high quality German movement at the heart of the clock that will provide you with an accuracy of about 1.5 sec/month at normal operating temperatures.

For those might look on our standard calendar clocks, the G239A, and think they look a little clinical.

The slight upgrade gives you all the functionality of the widely used G239A clock but with perhaps a more homely feel.

  • Dimension: 350 x 345 x 78 mm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Height of number plates: 35 mm
  • Height of digits: 25 mm
  • Readability: Over 12 meters

Our second most popular calendar clock.

Utilising the exact same calendar section as the wildly popular G239a clock, but reducing the clock-face right down to alarm-clock size means this can easily be used as a desktop unit.

It's flat bottomed so perfect for a bedside table, mantle piece or a desk at work.

Alternatively you can hang on the wall like its larger sibling.

The G236a has a small 70mm diameter clock-face linked to a fully automatic calendar.

There was a requirement from the NHS doing the rounds a few years ago for a calendar clock with an 18 inch (450mm) dial to go into the hospital wards.
This clock fulfilled it but, as is sometimes the way with these things, the inquiry went quiet and nothing came of it. All this said, these quite often go into communal areas and some do still end up peoples homes.

They are bigger than your average clock! Please do measure up where you plan on it going before making a decision.

Nice and big for those with very poor eyesight.