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The WiFi Clock by MOBATIME - Battery Version

Subtotal: £265.00 Price: £265.00 + VAT if applicable

SKU: GFL0.30.R1.W02.210.0.00 Packaged weight: 1.50kg

Built within the fantastic Flex range of clocks from Mobatime.

Get super accurate time inside your home or office with this cutting edge WiFi clock.
Just find the clock on your network using a phone or PC to access all available configuration parameters.

Also a fantastic solution where you need a building-wide range of clocks perfectly in synch with each other but the standard hard wire approach is unavailable.

Diameter & optimal reading distance:
ø 30cm = 25-30m

Time Synchronisation:
WiFi (2.4Ghz)

Standard metallic housing (Aluminium, RAL 9002)
Mineral glass cover
IP 30 case protection

Power Supply:
2 x AA Batteries.

Full list of advanced features:

  • Simply start the web interface and instantly access all configuration parameters.
  • Synchronized using the ‘Network Time Protocol’ (NTP). Supports manual selection of up to five
  • time servers.
  • The movement periodically transmits a message that contains detailed status information and
  • can be used to monitor the device. This includes values such as the battery voltage or the

    detection of mechanical anomalies.

  • 91 Time zones are available for selection. Handling of summer/winter time takes place without
  • user intervention.
  • Initial configuration is possible using any WiFi-compatible device that has a browser installed.
  • The current operating mode is indicated on two LEDs and can be controlled using two
  • push-buttons.
  • The second hand moves continuously. Minute / hour hands move by one step every ten seconds.
  • Supports WiFi networks that use OPEN, WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA3 authentication modes.
  • ‘Protected Management Frames’ (PMF) are supported.
  • Time can be set manually. This is useful if a network connection is temporarily unavailable.
  • Full operating manual in the 'related files' tab. 

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