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SKU: GWT30 Packaged weight: 6.00kg

A TWEMCO product that offers a simple and elegant solution to the problem of keeping track of the time in different countries.

  • Wall mounted.
  • 23cm wide - 47cm tall - 7.5cm deep.
  • Battery driven by two size 'D' batteries (included).
  • Built to the highest standards and centrally synchronised from one quartz crystal.

Set up couldn't be simpler; just fast forward all the minutes simultaneously to the correct time via one switch on the back of the clock then individually set the hours for each country and you're done!

Available countries are:

  • New York
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Paris
  • Mumbai
  • Dubai
  • R. Janeiro
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo
  • Sydney
  • L. Angeles
  • Auckland

Please place your order and we will contact you to confirm your location choices.


Made in Hong Kong by TWEMCO

All clocks are fully repairable and serviceable. Work is carried out here, by us, in our workshop in the UK.

We've been selling TWEMCO clocks for more than three decades now and, as the exclusive UK importer, it is a partnership we are proud of.
What TWEMCO say about themselves:

"TWEMCO is one of the world-renowned manufacturers specializing in fully automatic flip clocks for over half a century.
Since 1968, TWEMCO had started developing the best fully automatic perpetual calendar digital clocks for people.
With over 50 years of experience and by virtue of its excellent craftsmanship and unique features (Invention Patented), we now have nearly one million pieces of TWEMCO clocks sold to market.
Now, TWEMCO has become an icon of fashion, interpreting the value of time."