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Industry & Transport

Our strong partnership with Mobatime from Switzerland means we are perfectly placed to offer a vast range of solutions to satisfy the demands of the transport network.

Their Swiss railway clock is the most famous outdoor clock in Switzerland and is produced by MOBATIME. They can be seen in hundreds of prominent locations throughout the land and has been an important part of Swiss identity for many years now.

All the technology that keeps the Swiss railways system running the way it does is here at your disposal. And for years now we've been working with TFL buses, Railways, the Underground and indeed the Thames River Services. Helping them modernise and maintain many parts of their timing systems.

Whether it's brand new installations or keeping heritage units working perfectly while retaining original aesthetics. We can sort it.

notting 7.jpg
Original illumination package and ratchet and pull movement.
notting 6.jpg
Modern LED lighting fitted and MOBATIME movement.
notting 5.jpg
Before shot blast and powder-coat.
notting 4.jpg
Powder-coated white interior and black exterior.

Nottingham Rail Hub

Grayson TMS was contacted by a company who were working on the refurbishment of Nottingham Railway station and the specification was to bring the station’s customer information systems up to date and this included the clocks, whilst still keeping the traditional look of the station.

The current installation consisted of one 36” diameter double-sided clock, nine 24” double-sided clocks and two single-sided clocks, all original “GENT” of Leicester design. Our remit was to refurbish the clocks to the original design, but to improve on the accuracy of the old “Ratchet and Pull” movements.

We started by stripping the clocks back to their components and then bead-blasting the cases back to the base metal of brass, the cases were then treated and powder-coated Satin Black, new toughened safety glass was fitted and the dials cleaned and polished and new LED illumination packages were installed to replace the old fluorescent tubes. Finally, we re-bushed the hands and fitted the latest technology movements, the NBU192T POE networked movements which are powered over Ethernet (POE) and synchronised via a DTS4801.Net Master Clock using Network Time Protocol (NTP) all linked via a GPS4500 GPS synchronisation unit.

We were also asked to refurbish the large clock, which is approximately 1400mm in diameter and is situated in the Ticket Booking Office. We decided to install a DLU140 movement that operates and is powered via Mobaline Time Code and this was linked back to the DTS4801.Net Master Clock which has a programmable line output as well as various other outputs for different protocols.

As a final touch we were commissioned to renew the gold leaf on the dials of the large exterior 4-sided clock to bring them back to their original lustre and employing the various skills of our experienced engineers throughout the project we were able to deliver a very impressive result.

Hands before strip-back and repaint.
notting 3.jpg
New movements fitted, hands repaired, re-bushed and on test.
notting 2.jpg
Testing the illumination package one last time..
notting 1.jpg
..and back at home doing its job and looking fine!