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Education & Healthcare

Large sites like schools, colleges, universities and hospital are perfect examples of places that can benefit from synchronised master clock systems.

We can ensure that all the clocks in all the rooms are working as a single unit. Precisely accurate to each other and the true time.

You would typically be looking at one master clock that is connected to all the clocks but exactly how this might happen can vary from case to case.

Below we have some projects that we have worked on and what we did for them.

Any questions, please to get in touch.

Russell Halls Hospital, Birmingham

When the hospital began construction we were asked to provide a large feature clock for the reception area and also supply functional clocks for certain areas within the hospital. The task was to make the clocks attractive as well as functional and accurate, so to provide a time display that the visitors and staff could rely on every day.

We started with a standard baton dial of 2 meters diameter and used raised black finished hour markers to give the clock a 3D design and large Black baton hands, so the time could be easily read at a glance. The movement is GM53 Heavy duty main impulse and operates from a Grayson GM9 master clock, with an additional 24VDC-240Vac solid state converter. The secondary clock line was used to output 24VDC alternate polarity impulses to several slave clocks, used around the hospital, the master clock was synchronised via a MSF radio receiver, which provides very accurate time keeping and automatic seasonal time changes. 

russell hall 2.jpg
Our Theatre Panel Time of Day clock.
russell hall.jpg
Reception area feature clock.
russell hall 3.jpg
Ceiling Mounted clocks throughout the building.

St Thomas’s Care Unit

To provide a highly accurate time system for an emergency care unit, the clocks needed to be 24 hour dial and nearly silent as they were being used for emergency care, where monitoring of the patient was carried out constantly and drugs had to be administered on time and regularly.

We installed a Grayson GPS unit linked to a GM8M providing very accurate timing via Mobaline self-setting time code to the slave clocks, the clock can be programed to run on various time zone if required meaning local or UTC call be displayed.