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Corporate & Architectural Design

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The Hurlingham Club Outdoor Pool

One of the advantages of clocks as a branding tool is that they are designed specifically to be looked at. Often a focal point of a room or and area.

Dials are excellent canvases as the have a fair amount of 'real estate' that can be filled with logos, emblems, shields or script.

Add into that the options to colour match cases and hands or even digitally print an entire design onto a dial.. Plenty of areas for creativity.

Whether it is a minimalist four marker (12, 3, 6 and 9) dial or an elaborate chapter ring  and ornate metalwork, we've been there and done it.

Get in touch to tell us your ideas so we can tell you how to make then them a (reliable and well built) reality.

Hurlingham Club

Grayson TMS were contacted by a design team who were building the new swimming pool area at this well-known leisure club. They had been commissioned to build a new swimming pool and changing room area, the outside area required a large clock with a bold display, featuring the company branding and colours. The clock needed a sweep seconds hand and it needed to be practical, as well as decorative.

We were also asked to supply several indoor clocks for various areas around the club and another large clock for the indoor swimming pool, again with branding and practicality in mind.

We designed and built two large bespoke clocks, one of over a meter in diameter for the outside pool and one of 80cm for the indoor, both had completely different movements and control mechanisms. The outdoor clock needed to be very robust due to the changes in weather and was fitted with a Grayson 3 wire mains impulse movement with a second’s drive. This was controlled via the GM2 master clock with the LED illumination that was fitted in front of the dial and behind the glass in a special recess built into the dial spacer.
The indoor clock however was fitted with a semi-transparent dial that was illuminated from behind. We then used a Mobatime SEM100T self-setting movement that was synchronised via a GM8M ETC14 master clock and GM14 Radio receiver.

The various indoor clocks we suppled, were based on the Mobatime Flex design, run from PoE (Power over Ethernet) and NTP from a supplied Time server. The dials and hands were specifically manufactured and fitted in accordance with the designers branding and ranged from 40cm to 60cm in diameter, some fitted with impact resistance polycarbonate front covers, in areas like the indoor tennis and squash courts.

Once again, our engineers and designers worked hand in hand, to produce the goods that the customers required and the feedback from the client was very positive. A very enjoyable project to be involved with.

Leicester City Football Club

Back in 2020 the lead buyer from a major premier league football club, approached us to discuss designs and the practicalities for the installation of a clock system for their new training ground and academy. The clocks needed to be branded with their corporate image and also had to be functional in the areas that they were to be fitted. A mixture of analogue and digital clocks were to be installed, all synchronised to tell the same, correct, time throughout the various buildings.

The buildings contained gyms, locker rooms, swimming pools, hydro-therapy rooms, as well as offices, recreation rooms and even hotel suits.

The client required slimline LED clocks for the pool and hydro-therapy areas, that had to be IP65 rated and mounted flush into the walls, The gym areas also needed LED clocks and the other areas required analogue clocks with the corporate logos on the dials which were designed especially for the project.

We suggested that the system operate and synchronised from NTP (Network Time Protocol).
The analogue clock could also be PoE (Power over Ethernet) to avoid changing batteries or manual maintenance for seasonal time changes.

The Mobatime Flex range of NTP POE clocks were manufactured with the new dial design and logo, fitted with a SEN40 movement, running hour, minute and seconds hands.
The DTS4128.timeserver and GPS was installed as the “head end” of the system and the NMS Pro limit software was used to commission and monitor the various clocks.
We also used the Mobatime DC.100x range of Blue LED digital clocks in IP65 flush mounted cases, in the areas where moisture penetration could be an issue.