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Banking, Finance & Business

Financial services have long been a sector that we have worked within, both here in the UK and abroad.

What the sector demands is accuracy and reliability and that's what we supply.

Most frequently there's a requirements for World Time Zone Clocks to be installed in multiple locations across multiple floor often synchronised via GPs to ensure split second accuracy.

These can be run from master clocks or indeed time servers over the network. Many models now available as POE.

Benefits of our Clock Systems for Banks:

Consistency and accuracy in adherence to schedules and timetables.

Synchronisation is possible throughout every building, office and area.


Can be synchronised to any NTP time servers with a static IP address.

Configurable multi-time zone display options with a choice of fixed vinyl or re-programmable LED location names.

Improved Accuracy With Synchronised Bank Clocks

Financial transactions and enquiries have become almost entirely automated and technology-driven in this day and age.

Despite the scale and speed of financial services, timing is still crucial. Our digital information displays act as a visual reference so all staff can see market opening times and make timely financial decisions.

With the digital bank clocks backed up with NTP time server infrastructure - all of which is manufactured-to-order and delivered exactly to your chosen specifications - processes are enhanced and facilitated.

banking and finance logos.jpg
Some of the companies we have supplied clocks to.

Trade Room Clocks

We have a rich history delivering clocks for stock exchanges and commodity trading organisations.

In such a fast-paced and time-critical environment, international business relies on precise and reliable digital clocks to buy and sell stocks and shares.

Whether this be in a dedicated reception area or spread across various trading floors, we can produce as many units required across your premises with the reliable technology and design features that enhance your operations.

Reliable Multi-Time Zone Displays

International finance requires accuracy across multiple time zones as business is conducted autonomously and efficiently.

Financial transactions and stock trading requires timing precision, visible displays and reliable, secure hardware.

For complete accuracy and clarity across global operations, we can deliver smart, modernised and long-lasting digital clocks with configurable language and display options, exactly to your needs.

As with all our clocks, we can supply, install and commission.

If you have a project in mind or even just a few questions then do: