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Large World Time Zone Clocks for Financial Markets Trading Desks

Single units – Master Clocks Systems – Network systems.

All of our world time clocks are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the most demanding, prestigious and reliability critical applications. They are most frequently used in dealing rooms, command, control and communications facilities and also conference and reception areas. They are manufactured right here in the UK and come as standard in a sturdy, all metal, casing and finished in black. 
Time, date and illuminated location information is displayed using the highest quality, colour and brightness matched red, green, yellow or blue LEDs and every G470 and G475 series unit can display date information in one of over 20 different languages.
Every G47x series world clock is supplied with customer specified time zone location names.
G47xE or G47xN models have white printed location names with optional interchangeable name-plates.
G47xENIL30 or G47xNIL30 world clocks have 30mm (1.2”) high programmable LED location names
G47xENIL50 or G47xNIL50 units have 50mm (2”) high LED location names.
All G47x series world time clocks may be programmed using the IR handset supplied or by a PC via an RS232 serial connection.
G47xN models may be programmed from a remote Ethernet enabled pc. 
G47x series world clocks are designed for global use and will operate from a 100-250v 50/60Hz ac supply.
The clocks are available in a range of high quality anodised or painted aluminium case styles with versions suitable for wall mounting, single or double-sided ceiling suspension or flush mounting in a panel or a solid wall.
G47x series world time clocks may be used as independent time zone displays pre-programmed for leap years, statutory time changes and time-offsets for almost every global time zone time change.
They may be synchronised from optional GPS, DCF or MSF time signal receivers or be installed as part of a system controlled by time code from a central master clock.
We have them installed as far afield as the United States, Russia, Japan and Australia for some of the biggest names in banking and finance.
And whether you need just one or happen to need one hundred split across ten floors; we have the products and expertise to get it done.
Contact Brian@hswalsh.com for more information.
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