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Grayson have completed a wide range of special projects, showing the diversity of our installations.

Our expert attention is given to every commission from refurbishing a neglected timepiece to designing and installing one, two or four sided clocks, electronic bell ringing systems, digital and turret clocks. We are adept at combining modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship to ensure that each installation is perfectly engineered. and suitable for its setting; we rarely say 'no' to a project.

Our engineers are fully conversant with on site health and safety requirements. Installation equipment is constantly being updated to ensure maximum efficiency during installation; which can be anywhere in Europe or indeed worldwide. Every project is assessed individually and we will often suggest stainless steel and powder coating finishes to ensure that every clock stays in pristine condition. Our systems benefit from the latest technology in respect of MSF radio and GPS satellite time technology (the latter providing absolute time).

We take care that quality is never sacrificed to cost considerations and our innovative design, reliability, quality and versatility ensure that our reputation is second to none. We are justifiably proud of our maintenance service and will give the same close attention to our competitors’ installations as our own. We are quite often called upon to repair a clock when the original manufacturer cannot be traced and we welcome each and every project as a new challenge.

Grayson Time Management Systems have the time for you. Read about some of our recent projects here

Habib Bank
Moorgate, London
Refurbishment of an old clock outside the Habib Bank.
The clock case was stripped back to the original paint work and rubbed down,...


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