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Norbury Park House

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Norbury Park House
This magnificent country house was built in 1774 by William Locke and has had a colourful history. We were honoured to be asked to refurbish the wonderful old clock mounted in the turret. The Stable block where the turret is housed was being refurbished and required a lot of work after a fire in March 2005 left quite a lot of damage. We were commissioned to restore the dials and install new movements and if possible get the wonderful bell to ring again. We installed 4 Grayson GEXT2 mains impulse movements run from a GM2E master clock that also provided a bell relay to run the new electromagnetic bell hammer. All were synchronised to the correct time by a Grayson GM14 MSF radio receiver. We refurbished the slate dials and used 23crt Gold leaf to bring the dials back to their former glory.

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