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Ian Hazel Funerals

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Project Location: 
Sutton Coldfield

Another of our popular funeral clock designs, but this time larger, Ian Hazel wanted a feature clock for his newly built premise at Sutton Coal Field, he also wanted something to catch the public eye and with this large clock, it’s hard to miss. The clock case stands over a metre tall and is 900mm wide with a dial diameter of 860mm. It has been manufactured from high grade aluminium and is hand built to very high standards; the dials are fabricated using ICI Opal Perspex, incorporating Laser cut aluminium raised Roman dials with 23ct gold leafed chapter rings and finial. The movements are Mobatime NU90T 24VDC alternate polarity impulse, run from a Grayson GM1.06 mini master clock and GM14 MSF Cumbria radio receiver unit. Modern components in traditional designed clock.

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