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MSF Radio Receiver

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The Grayson GM14 radio time synchronisation receivers enable the time synchronisation of Grayson master clocks, to DCF and MSF radio time code signals. MSF transmits on 60 kHz from Cumbria with signals traceable to an atomic clock at the National Physical Laboratory. DCF transmits on 77.5 kHz from Mainflingen, near Frankfurt/main in Germany with signals derived from the Physikalish-Technische Bundesantstalt, lab. Zeitenheit. The MSF and DCF carriers are interrupted every second to encode time and date information with a full time, date and status message being transmitted every minute. The length of the individual carrier breaks determine the value of the coded information and the time of transmission within each minute determines the identity of each bit. Installation of a MSF or DCF receiver on your system will provide you with very accurate time and date information, together with automatic summer and Winter time changes. Suitable for Europe only

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