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Master Clock

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The Grayson mains impulse master clock is ideal for all Turret clock installations with mains impulse drives and will also operate up to 6 x 24v DC secondary slave clocks.

Mains supply 115 or 240 VAC Manual Summer/Winter time changeover Automatic time synchronisation and Summer/Winter time changes from external MSF Cumbria (Ref. GM14) or DCF Frankfurt (Ref. GM15) radio time receiver.

The unit has a 72 hour memory reserve in the event of a loss of mains power.

Selectable output voltage 240 or 115 VAC via 3 wire system /2A or 24 VDC /500mA, polarised on 1 line and 1 minute impulse 4 switch setting for advancing, stopping and manual Summer/Winter changes, with 2 LED displays indicating mains power and radio signal status

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