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Large Capacity Modular Master clock

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The reliable, modern, and modular concept with its configuration flexibility gives an unconditional asset to any new installation. Due to its multilane architecture, the GM5 is suitable for a wide range of applications. The different types of outputs provide the facility of controlling traditional or self-setting slave clocks as well as LAN based systems Specification: Master clock equipped with alphanumeric display, 4 x 20 characters and backlight RAM and real time clock with battery back up Flash-memory for application program Three slots for application boards Dimensions: rack-mounted case 3HU x 28UW (142 x 128 x 230mm) Power supply: 24-60VDC or 230VAC (50/60Hz) +/- 10% using GAB 5.0.0 or GAB 5.0.1 power supply boards Synchronisation inputs: 1 x RS 232, 1 x RS 422, 1 x DCF77, 3 inputs for twilight switching Synchronisation outputs: 1 x 1pps with GPS only, 1 x DCF77 current-loop synthetic code Isolated alarm contacts Internal or external battery back up is available Line Drivers: 4 x Impulse line driver for selectable per line: 1 pulse per second, 8 pulses per minute, 2 pulses per minute or 1 pulse per minute up to 1 A per line, 24/48/60V according to power supply, electronic overload protection Battery Backup: internal battery pack with 24V/0.8Ah, to be charged from main master clock power supply Wall mounted cabinet Unit comes complete with wall mounted cabinet.

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6.5 kg