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Digital Desktop Calendar Clock

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A new variation of our clock that is used in care homes and by individuals across the whole of the UK, these clocks are massively popular among those who are finding it difficult to keep track of the days and months. Particularly useful for Assisted Living and those suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia. Probably the most unique feature of the clock is that it requires no adjustment at the end of the calendar months. This is called a Perpetual Calendar System. The clock will even take care of the leap years for you, again, requiring no intervention from the end user. Many cheaper models will not offer you this automation and you will need to mess around changing back and forth for long and short months. Not so here. It should be noted that these clocks DO need an initial set up and will not automatically set to the correct time when you first put the batteries in. It is a short process will full instruction on the back of the clock (so you can't lose them). The only adjustments need during the running of the clock will be the Summer and Winter time changes, again a quick process.


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