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Indoor Clocks for Offices, Schools, Hospitals etc with synchronisation

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It doesn’t matter if you have just two clocks that you need to tell the same time as each other or two hundred clocks that need to be split-second synchronised, we have the kit to make it happen.

As a department of HS Walsh and Sons (proud recipients of a royal warrant for horological services), Grayson Clocks have been manufacturing, supplying, installing and maintaining clocks and clock systems since the 1970s. We’ve worked with Government, the NHS, local councils and big name artists, both in the UK and overseas.

In short, you can trust us to get it done!

Our analogue clocks are hand assembled in-house using materials sourced from within the UK and we use the very highest quality movements; usually shipped in from Europe.

Our digital clocks are made for us in the UK. Full metal construction for durability and all units are fully serviceable. They can be made for use indoors and out, showing just time, time and date or even time, date and temperature if set up to do so. We also produce ‘time zone clocks’ that we sell for use on trading floors all over London; these can show the times in multiple countries clearly and accurately and can be controlled by a master clock or even hooked up to an NTP server.

We also work closely with Moser Baer, world leaders in timing technology, and some of their clocks and equipment can be found here. Not everything they do is on the site however so as ever, any questions, drop us a line.

There are a good number of different ways to set up a clock system so you might be best giving us a ring for a chat about exactly what you need - 01959 543 660.

You can also contact us via email: mark@hswalsh.com

If you do know what it is you need or just want to have a look at what we have then below is a good place to start.

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12hr - Slaved - 9Inch

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GPS Unit for Master clocks

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Small Master clock to control up to 16 slave clocks